HASA - Home & School Association

The role of the HASA is distinct from the areas of responsibility of the SFOLCS School Board or staff.


The HASA will:

Support the mission of the school

Provide an association that is alive, active, and encourages participation

Facilitate open communication among parents, caregivers, school, and community.



Membership:  The parents(s) or guardian(s) of a child/children enrolled at SFOLCS is/are automatically placed on the HASA membership roster.  School staff is encouraged to take an active role. The parish community is welcome to take an active role as the individual's time and talent permits.



HASA meetings will be the held monthly.

For meeting minutes, click here.



HASA Board Members



President – Angie Gadacz

Vice President – Sarah Swenson

Secretary/Treasurer – Gina Walker

Communications - Sarah Lundy