Kaleidoscope Club (After School Program)

We are pleased to offer after-school care on-site.  We are open to all students, from all schools, for children over age three. 

Before school, supervision is provided at no extra cost starting at 7:45am in the playground (or in the school gym in poor weather). 


After School

After school hours are 3-5:30 pm on a typical school day.


3-4 p.m. $4/day per child
3-5:30 p.m. $8/day per child

Early Out Days:

1-4 p.m. $8/day per child
1-5:30 p.m. $12/day per child


Kaleidoscope Club Drop-In Policy

Please click here for printable Commitment Form (Dec-Feb)

 Please click here for printable Commitment Form (Mar-June)

Activities include supervised play, games, crafts, computer time, special parties, park visits, ice skating, homework time and help, outside time and gym time.  At times, preschoolers and kindergarteners may be in separate areas for age-appropriate activities.

Students have input on activities and snacks provided each month.