School Policies and Information (continued)

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The teachers will be busy with your children most of the day but do have voicemail. If there are messages you need to get to them, please call our secretary at 218-829-2344. We will not be interrupting the classes for messages unless it is an emergency. Please indicate the urgency of your message when you call.


All visitors must sign in and out at the office and wear a visitor name badge while on the property.

Cold and Snowy Weather

Students go outside everyday for about twenty minutes unless it is lower than 10 below zero so they need to have warm clothing with them every day. It is possible to stay inside in the morning but go outside later in the day so please send warm clothing regardless of the morning temperature. 

Sick Children

If your child has had a fever, diarrhea, or has been vomiting, please wait 24 hours before bringing them to school. Generally, it takes 24 hours to get over a virus. If your child is on antibiotics, they may return to school after 24 hours or three doses of antibiotics.

Recess is important to your child's well being. If your child is ill and unable to attend regular activities in school, he/she should be kept home. Students will be expected to go out to recess unless a doctor's note is received.

Any child with a 100-degree or higher temperature or other observable illness signs must be sent home. This includes, but is not limited to, chicken pox, lice, and fever. If a child must be sent home, the school will notify the parent/guardian. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to make arrangements to pick up their child.

Medications may be administered at school with a written notice from the parents. No medications, including cough medications, may be in the possession of the students.

Nurse Services at School

A school nurse is at St. Francis twice a month. The nurse conducts hearing and vision screenings once a year. Re-checks of hearing and vision may be done on those individuals with whom the nurse is concerned.

Emergency Information

Every family must have an emergency form on record in the school office. If the student's address or telephone number changes during the year, please notify the office immediately.

Student Appearance

We require uniforms for all students except preschoolers. Uniforms should be neat and clean in appearance. For safety reasons, dangling earrings are not allowed. Appropriate tennis shoes must be worn for physical education. St. Francis students may not wear make-up, including glitter, clear, or otherwise. Click here for full uniform policy information.


Bicycles are to be placed in the bike racks provided. Locks are highly recommended for all bicycles. Bicycles are to remain in the racks until the end of the school day.


Children love animals, but please keep pets out of the building and off the playground. This is for your pet’s safety as well as the child’s. We do have some children with pet allergies. Also, we would not want to have a pet cornered where it might act out and hurt someone accidentally.


Participation in sports is available through Brainerd District #181. We do have a link to some area events & programs, or contact the athletic department for more information (218-828-5305).

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