School Policies

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School Hours

The school day begins at 8:15 am and ends at 2:50 pm.

The office hours are 7:45 am until 4:00 pm.

The students will be allowed in the school at 8:00. There is no supervision before 7:45am.

All children will be allowed in the school if the temperature outside -10F Fahrenheit or colder. Students will have supervised playtime in the gym.

All children must be picked up by 3:00 pm after every school day. If they are not picked up by 3:15pm, they will go to the After School Program and you will be charged.

Attendance, Absences and Tardiness

Attendance is very important for your child’s success in school. Please call (218-829-2344) or send a note to the office if your child is not able to attend school. Unless it is an excused absence your child will be counted tardy. Unexcused absences are applied for absences that could have been avoided and for which prior arrangements and/or approvals were not made through the principal’s office. In cases of prolonged absences (chicken pox, measles, etc.) the school must be notified.

Signing In and Out

All visitors need to sign in and out at the office. When your child is either late or needs to be taken out of school early please sign him/her in or out in the office.

Early Dismissal

If a child must leave school early, a written note must be given to the teacher in advance so that homework may be gathered.

Doctor/Dental Appointments

Please make every effort to schedule these appointments before or after school. If this is not possible, please make them at a time when the least amount of work should be missed.


Vacations during the school year are discouraged. The student misses teacher lectures, science labs, student interaction, and class participation which all help with learning. Simply doing the homework does not replace the missed days.

It is the child’s responsibility to find out the missed work and to complete that work as soon as possible. If a vacation must be taken, please notify the teacher prior to the event.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Please do not park at the front entrance of the school in the morning before 8:20 and at the front and the west side of the school in the afternoon until after 3:20 as buses are picking up and dropping off. Parked cars are a hindrance to the buses. Please use the parking lot or side street for the drop-off point to the playground.

When entering the school, please use the main entrance  double doors. All doors will be locked except the front double doors. Remember, all visitors must sign in at the office.


The Brainerd school system provides busing for St. Francis Catholic School students. Students are expected to unload the buses on St. Francis premises.

Bus routes are published in the Brainerd Daily Dispatch.

If a child is to change their regular schedule, a note must be sent with the child and given to the teacher before dismissal or a parent may call before 2:00 pm to give us the change in the transportation schedule for the child. If we do not have a note or permission through a school message, the child will be sent on the normal scheduled transportation. This is for the safety of your child.

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